Not every smart card can be used for Windows 7 logon. Without the update, it’s 16 digits. The certificate contains the user information used for identifying the user. Hello, My lab uses Active Directory SmartCard login, which is something that I set up with the help of the fine folks here. Windows 7 IT Pro.

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HID® ActivID® One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens

How can we help you? Monday, August 15, 9: If Actividentity mini change my UPN in Active Directory to match the new, shorter digit one now presented by Windows, I can log into the trial machine without issue.

And, to my recollection, this “Optional Update” wasn’t even available as something TO install at all on most of the machines in our group I’m still doing a one by one manual while we stand actividentity mini activixentity WSUS. End of Full Sustaining Engineering Actividentity mini.

ActivID Product Support Life Cycle

That would cause trouble with every other system, however. Actividentity mini formally notifies all support subscribers of End of Life dates. Cost-efficiency combined with high functionality at a low cost for mass deployment.

Anyways, to make a long story short, after installing this update, I find that my trial workstation will actually pull actividentity mini different UPN than any machine that does not have it installed. Hope it will actividentity mini activkdentity to you Please remember to mark the replies as an answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.

I log in just fine.

Tuesday, August 16, 3: My lab uses Active Directory SmartCard login, which is something that I set up with the help of the fine folks here. That’s not the case with this one – it shows up in my update history, actividentity mini as an Update I can Uninstall. I suspect if I can remove this installed feature, the problem will be resolved, but I cannot seem to.

Thank you for your feedback. This cost-efficient pin pad token that combines high functionality and flexibility with full graphical personalization on both sides of the device. The larger display face and buttons actividentity mini this device simplify PIN entry and reduce eye strain, making it ideal for home or actividentity mini use. We need a few details to get the right person in touch with you.

It’s an older one – claims to have been released in ! When users need a network, system or cloud-based application, they simply use the combination of something they know e. You can see how this would cause issue – on the trial Actividentity mini, I’m effectively a different user as far as Active Directory is concerned! Machines that Actividentity mini did not put this “SmartCafe” on are not impacted.

It is actividentity mini a group policy issue – it only impacts the actividentity mini machine this update was installed on. Enhance user convenience by providing employees a convenient, ATM-like experience that ensures they have the anytime, anywhere access they need. Call Me Email Sales.

Sign in to vote. Not every smart card can be used for Windows 7 logon.

HID Services: Using ActivIdentity Mini Token

Not an IT pro? End of Sales — Limited Actividentity mini Support. End of Sales – Full Sustaining Support.

ActivID OTP Tokens go beyond static passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication actividentity mini increase confidence in online transactions. Click here for actividentity mini complete list of customer service contacts. Request Information I am looking for How can we help you? Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the problem.