Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. This is a fine example of you can pay more, but you can’t buy better. In additon, being only as long as it is necessary makes modular cleaning rod a lot more mechanically rigid, which is very important for the barrel bore cleaning and for removal of the stuck fired cartridge case. EFK accessories are not offered for sale as separate items. As far as I could observe during my research, it is not being widely recognized that in addition to having a capability of being packaged in a very compact format, modular cleaning rod can be configured to closely match the actual length of the firearms barrels. A really nice thing about using a torque wrench, especially screwing steel into aluminum!!! Well worth the money.

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TCK also includes 15 of the most often used, hard chrome plated 1″ long screwdriver bits, and a second bits organizer with 14 available spaces for your own bits. Special offer for infrequent resellers – pack of 3 kits, see FAQ, Current multi torque driver design is more like a product of a common sense tofque engineering, which I try to practice.

If the total number of items is more than three, do not use “Add to Cart” buttons. So now I adjustablr only know that my action screws are set to the same setting each time, but have a reliable tool for ring and base mounting. If you know anything about torque wrenches in general, even really good ones come with an advisory that they are only accurate within a percentage of the setting, e.


I’ve tried to find an alternative, but nothing came close after weeks of search.

The wording in the warning is understandable, but perhaps Boris could add one more line, saying “If you need to loosen a fastener, hold only the bar-end troque use another tool.

Respect is something you earn.

Borka Tools | Adjustable torque tools and kits for firearms

Just a brief clarification about the warning not to use torque driver as a general purpose T-handle:. As a long time shooter and professional engineer P. Pearls of Wisdom are Heard not Spoken. Pro-Shot is very well known for high quality products, made in the U. I have checked calibration regularly and it has always been within spec, actually, until recently, better than spec.

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Boris Teper, Borka Tools Owner A personal note about Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod – as far as I’m concerned, and in addition yools what I was told by my customers, who’ve purchased and used this product, this is the probably the best quality modular cleaning rod made in the U.

Borka Tools torque drivers and accessories for scope mounting and firearms action screws

Instead, contact us by e-mail for a quote and payment options. Compact and light weight less than 6 ouncesrugged, highly consistent and accurate torque driver is of all metal construction and differs tkols traditional “slip clutch” and “cam-over” type torque limiting screwdrivers and wrenches by its simple and reliable design.

Kit works for 5.

I just picked up the Wheeler Fat Wrench, which I never would have bought if you guys were stocking these. I took them up to Contact us by e-mail to get a price quote. All kidding aside, looks like a great product, and Tkrque will be getting one from you guys, I just might have to wait a bit.

See more details at the bottom of this web page.

These two pre-set forces, which correspond to either low or high torque adjustment ranges, are user selectable by simply flipping the torque driver over, and then applied at user adjustable distance between the center of the driver handle spherical notch which is tightening force application spot and the driver spindle axis of rotation.


That was in the purpose of the design – to make a “bag unit”, field tool The only possible shortcoming of the Borka is that unlike the Seekonk you can’t back screws out with it, at least according to the warning printed in bold, red type stating that the driver is for tightening right-hand fasteners only.

I’ve always been skeptical of adjustable torque wrenches and have invested in one Seekonk 65 in. If it is tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?

Torque tool kits for scope mounting and other firearms related applications

Borka Tools 1″ long screwdriver bits are made from S2 alloy tool steel and hardened to HRc As an option, you can pack any tool components from TCK into your own tool bag or case for use outdoors, as needed, and utilize TCK zippered pouch for other suitable applications.

Please take note that we do not ship ATD based kits to international retail customers. It is far less cumbersome than the Wheeler torque driver. Yet until this tool came out I just couldn’t bring myself to trust a variable torqeu wrench.

These two videos provide considerably more information than it is possible to include into the printed user guide, and show how to set up and use torque driver and other kit components in great detail.

Should I go aheand and swap? The wheeler did and does work, but mine is off on it’s calibration.