They can make thousands of people that do not care, all the sudden become life long anti gunners, and no amount of reason can over come this once they convince themselves that guns just go off. Makes us all look like ticking time bombs and everyones fate is just dependant on chance. I’m still not getting this. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thanks, any word on what kind of holster? Who the hell does that to a complete stranger who is dancing with his wife? Join 1, other followers.

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Wow, she is full of it Soon its gonna be bulletpagh than hell to get a date if you are from Detroit second date. Actually, that is probably accurate. Some might argue that all that grant money had to go somewhere, and the NFSTC was just really good at bulletpatu.

I think she might have tried to steal his gun and in the struggle to keep it from her it went off. Makes us all look like ticking time bulletapth and everyones fate is just dependant on chance. And there was no hole in his pants? Their affiliations within these areas are profound and deep and primarily police managed crime labs. I don’t know, it seems fishy. That news article was on abc, hundreds of thousands if not millions will forever hold on this.


I don’t blame cops that get their guns taken from them in fights at least not for actions taken then, they did what they could This is pure unadulterated incompetence, either in action, or in set up on his part and he should get in trouble, maybe not legally but DPD should smack him up bullettpath good for being stupid.

: “Amy Driver , forensics , firearms , ballistics , bulletpath”

Soon its gonna be harder than hell to get a date if you are bulletpatn Detroit. They will not come back to the middle or get off the fence. Driver said that investigators would likely find a hole in the side of the officer’s pants, where the bullet left the gun and traveled to Miller.

Stories like this are very useful to the left. Tragic yes, still how did the trigger get pulled?

“Amy Driver , forensics , firearms , ballistics , bulletpath”

You are commenting using your WordPress. Thanks, any word on bulletpah kind of holster? The early years were focused on laying the groundwork for future programs. If something got caught on trigger, it could have fired,” she said.

Notify me of new comments via email. The NFSTC is a consortium of current and ex governmental employees and private parties that have a varied nexus with forensic science and law enforcement. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment bullwtpath Nope, i dont want guns near me, i dont like my neighbors having them, i dont want my kids at homes with them etc.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Was she playing with his ‘gun’? DNA vs bite mark believers. Explains the bullet to the chest without need for any fun MGO-inspired conspiracies too: WHO is amy driver and where do I send my hatemail?


That representation to the public under the guise of a 2a friendly person is seriously dangerous for long term public acceptance and knowledge. Bulletlath a woman freak dances for a Detoit official be it Police or the Mayor they always end up dead or missing.

She was “freak dancing” the cop from behind and probably reached around his waist. Email required Address never made public.

Justifies things like the Costco manager asking someone to leave. Assuming it was an IWB holster being carried at around the 4: