Remove the screw that secures the Bracket. Reassemble the Cleaner Lever Spring correctly. Stops printing immediately and ejects the paper. Check if the Extension Spring comes off from the Clutch 1. Stops printing immediately and ejects the paper. Check if the Lower Housing is free from ink stain. Check if the Cap Assy and the Lever Cleaner areassembled correctly.

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Remove the Main Frame.

Remove the foreign material around the sealthe seal rubber part on the Cap Assy. Papers for sublimation printing. Head angular adjustment Pattern PrintingFigure Upper Paper Guide 1. Lomond at FotoExpo in Prague! Sfylus printing immediately and ejects the paper. Fine Art Perchament Paper.

PrintHand. List of Supported Printers.

Check if the Nozzle Check Pattern is printed correctly. Ejects the paper if the paper is not ejected yet. Work Completion CheckClassificationIf any service is made to the printer, use the checklist shown below to confirm allworks are completed properly and the printer is ready to be returned to the user.


Check if the suitable paper is used according to the printer sthlus.

Stylus TX103

Ink Out Runs a sequence of ink cartridge rep Summary of the content on the page No. Many people prefer td103 read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.

Remove the four screws that secure the Main Frame to the Lower Housing. Install the Ink Cartridge properly.

Check if the Upper Paper Guide is correctly assembled. Visually checkthe motors for abnormal operation and if it is hard to judge, replace the motor.

If you order this shylus until Check if the Extension Spring operates correctly in thepaper loading sequence. Secure point C of the tube to the Pump Housing as shownbelow. Check if the USB Cable is connected between the printer 1.

Lomond inks are licensed and produced under control and from the components of a european-based chemical company. Reassemble the Cap Assy and Lever Cleanercorrectly. Basic Specifications Table This product is not in stock. Release the two hooks of the IS Cap Assy by rotating it to the direction ofarrow pulling out the central rib of the assy.


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Reassemble the Cleaner Lever Spring correctly. The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use stlus by clicking the link above – Print the manual.

Release both the guide pins with the hinge side held up slightly as shownbelow, and remove the ASF Cover from the Document Cover. Manual ConfigurationThis manual consists of six chapters and Appendix. Find the part s you removed or replaced, and check which adjustment s must becarried out.