All this was done so you and we be sure of the quality! IBProvider is a big choice of development tools and support of all the InterBase and Firebird servers. After the linked server had been created, we discovered that the ODBC driver was unable to cope with quite large amount of data, we are not talking about millions of entries, just several dozens of thousands. Next action Download IBProvider 64 bits. What is an ODBC driver? Interbase and Firebird 2. For example, there is no Fetch Backwards property for cursors, no standard way to read and write OLE DB features, no parallel transactions’ support in one connection realised.

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Technology’s advantage – is the Cross Platform features. In this very article we’ll compare them. Welcome to IBProvider site! Microsoft Office, Visual Basic for Applications. Their goal is to isolate the client from data source realisation features providing him with standard Access Interface. If you use IBProvider for connecting to Firebird and InterBasethe upgrade to other database server versions as well as the switching between servers will be much easier then in case of using other components.


We have created a finished product in a literal sense. Database connection comes from the registered DSN Data Source NameThus, before using the data source should be registered on user’s computer. Net Framework More and more developers prefer. Inour company had its year anniversary.

We have been addressing the issues of FB and IB kledb for already 15 years regularly producing updates. There was no consistency for these errors and it was impossible firebir tell what the cause was without debugging into it. Net Data Provider The article given here tells how to work with Firebird in.

The transaction execution speed for a table of 4, was 13 sec for a Delphi query and 9 sec for a IBProvider query this was the test to ground the purchase of the product. Nevertheless, we read instructions and tried.

Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird

The article given here tells how to work with Firebird in. To run Data Link, you should create the empty udl-file and run it.

InterBase quick start InterBase for beginners. They let writing SQL queries, which were compatible with the majority of databases.

Please use code examples for quick start. All this was done so you and we be sure of the quality! Read the start guide for ADO. Differences between IBProvider versions.


Firebird: .NET Provider

We decided to test IBProvider. The same query was run in several furebird. The data type converter does all for you in a fashionable way. Differences between IBProvider versions. And we are very proud that we have managed to create it! If you were looking for oldb components for working with Firebird and InterBase databases from native and managed Windows applications, then your search is completed. The queries directly merging data from the two DBMSs were run disastrously slowly.

Both technologies are designed by Microsoft. It enables developing applications in Visual Studio 6. Follow InterBase on Twitter.

IBProvider is spread free of charge as the part of distributive. Windows keeps all the information about data sources and ODBC drivers in its registry. ADO is supported by: InterBase quick start InterBase oldeb beginners.