Please lower the resolution using the Resolution tab. Just as couples do fight or quarrel, we totally understand it if both of you are in the downs of your relationship. Since the software defaults to low levels of sharpening, this is how we tested the camera. Yes, Point 2 View works with both Windows and Macintosh. Your computer’s system information will appear.

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Unfortunately, the only reason you might want to hold the P2V in this manner is to take a quick snapshot of something on or around your desk.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review | Everything USB

Catch this exclusive deal on Amazon! The articulating stand is useful for getting the camera exactly eye-level, which greatly enhances the quality of face-to-face video conferences. System information can be acquired using the methods below:. Video filters for helping visually impaired users With the added video filters, P2V is immediately turned into a visually impaired friendly doc cam that allows VI users to view their materials far more easily and clearly. This would be useful in a presentation application where the image is being shown to an audience as the subject of a presentation.

Above is a screen shot of the P2V application, focussed on the ubiquitous Coke can. Time-lapse shooting for archiving materials This feature allows you to automate a shooting schedule for taking snapshots.

If you still cannot view the video, please email us at cs ipevo. At the front of the camera, one finds the lens and two little LEDs — red and green. Lacking a built-in microphone, video capture capabilities, and with really slow autofocus this product really should i;evo thought of as a higher-end camera for IM applications with bonus features for live presentation.


It allows you to manage your digitalized materials by splitting 2-pages-in-1 images into two pages respectively and then saving all of them into a neat, single PDF file all at once. Please lower the resolution using the Resolution tab.

Picture quality was ipev good and certainly much better than built-in, fixed focus cameras that ship with most laptops.

IPEVO P2V Camera Review

Currently, iMovie doesn’t support external USB devices in direct-capture mode. For the power-user, none of these features might be desirable in a web conferencing USB camera, because they would already be handled in other ways, however the lack of a built-in microphone means one has to find another option, provided the microphone that ships built-in to many laptops is rather poor at noise cancellation.

With Presenter for Mac V3. Text-To-Speech multi-language support Text-To-Speech converts ;2v images into editable text and then read the text aloud. Please contact our customer support at cs ipevo.

This feature allows you to automate a shooting schedule for taking snapshots. This incredibly useful feature was only added to version 3 Mac and version 4 Windows of Presenter. Perhaps not, but the Internet-enabled digital video camera has been around almost as long as the world wide web.

IPEVO – Design for Learning.

Seven years is a long time, we know, and many things can happen during those seven years that make you love or hate that simple, basic little guy which you had your eyes fixed on when you both first met.


We are thankful for your continuous love and support for our little guy throughout these years. Not a big deal, but this could create an undesired tangle of cables on your desk. Split Image for managing digitalized materials Do more for less with this newly added feature. You can then export the resultant image as a PDF file for further archiving. Sharing is Caring Help spread the word. You can now set up QR stations for self-directed learning and instantly share any images taken with P2V to your favorite social media within a few clicks.

However, this does not hold the P2V back at all in its intended uses.

Those looking to capture video or create wacky effects can use Photo Booth on a Mac and substitute the P2V cam ipdvo place of the built-in iSight. The camera itself is a barrel-shaped implement about 3. The USB document camera makes a webcam desirable again.

Focussing speed depended a lot on how still the object was, and whether the camera needed to be operating at the extreme close end of its range. This receptacle allows the camera to be mounted sideways using the side mounts on the stand. By tiny we mean about 1. Because you are tethered ipeo the USB cable, you are very limited in what you can photograph or where you photograph.