Avid Audio Hardware Drivers If you do not see your product listed before it is an older generation, I would recommend contacting their technical support line: I used it only with Steinberg Cubase SX 2. The biggest drawback for me with this thing has been recording vocals. For the price its OK. Also the icon is different black one.

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A good item for beginners or mobile recorders. This was an inexpensive way to get backup audio for my field work.

Windows XP is the best platform to use if you mobiilepre the mobile pre to work smoothly and trouble free. It’s a very simple interface, perfect for somebody who doesn’t need all the fancy stuff that a mixer has.

I had bought this piece of equipment right when I started producing. We found that my windows platform at the time was too old Windows 98 SE.

Our members also liked: I wish I knew the drivers were going to be an issue. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Flexible solution to record audio I needed voice recordings and quickly learned that one can’t get decent results with a build-in sound card.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

One channel on the front, another on the back, this output on the front, that one on the back. I want to buy the fancier version with more inputs — do they even still make it?


This interface is no different, solid build and crispy clean sound. They know absolutely nothing about the product – and they act like, we got your money – it’s your problem now. Sadly it didn’t quite live up to the excitement. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Some nice features that I would like to tell you guys of are the sort of idiot lights they have on it.

Most of the time I had no latency but when I did it was still playable. Hip Hop Jazz Trip Hop. I have not besion to pass on something more important but if I had to rest on 2piste YES then sit without.

This preamp gives you an excellent sound and is clear like fresh spring water.

Core Sound — M-Audio’s MobilePre-USB 16/48 KS/s USB-powered Microphone Pre-amp

I’m already looking for a replacement. I recorded using 3 different audio mobllepre programs. This is an audio interface start line which is homogeneous and quality. Always do your research first: The mic preamps just don’t sound all that usable to me and while the model is cheap, you get what you pay for. I like the fact that it does not take up too much space on my desk.


M-Audio MobilePre Digital Recording Interface

Personally – Electronic stuff, house etc. It sits atop my computer tower where it is much more accessible than a PCI card on the back of your tower.

Unless you need more inputs recording drums or something. Also, the headphone jack has a dedicated knob for volume. If it’s clipping your sound, it has a light for mobilwpre. Call me cheap, but that’s what I’d pay now. OH, and Protools M-Powered support puts a smile on my face: Uh, not sure about sex appeal.

I did struggle to get a good microphone level and sound out of this preamp using the phantom power mobilepfe XLR inputs. I’ve found a love for the Ableton Live packin sofrware.

For somebody who really only records vocals, this is not an issue.