And the sound is cracking in the left channel I’m capturing with an Audigy 2 ZS card. I can’t get 9. Changes must be made using an Administrator account, and may require a restart. RJH , Dec 28, Yes, my password is:

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Give complete detail or some screen shots on the capture settings, there are several that can cause some problems.

I can’t get 9. Home-made VHS sources are seen by lossy digital mmx and by DVD recorders as aliens from the garbage pits of the universe, and the results look that way.

On fast scenes I have some massive “ghosting”. But you might not care. I went to configuration under the start menu in the ati software. I asked ATI via support ticket if I should use mcm.

By TaranScorp in forum Capturing. Is there anyplace else where I could look for more detailed instructions?

MMC 8.8 EazyShare Problem

I tried to make a h mp4 file with the –interlaced flag but when playing back on my CRT TV it looks horrible as if up and bottom fields were inverted Can anyone share RW3. I was hoping that someone could tell me how to tell if the server is actually running on the server machine and how it is started. On the left-side audio, double-check all connections and try a different speaker or headphones.


I searched for MMC 9. I followed Ati recommendation and then added to it to get everything working.

Not hide nor hair. IIRC it was version 9. If it makes a difference, I am using another machine to connect to the internet that is neither a client or the server.

The time now is Deterlace can never be done by T HW. I had some success with following combo: I will never try it again. Apr 25, Messages: I think I’ll play around with it next days. I did that this way: To be honest, I’m compared to lot of people here new to VHS video capturing and wanted to try various software and workflows to see which I prefer. I only meant the link in his post, not the file itself ; shhhhhhhh.

Originally Posted by Nelson He mkc take down what he has no control over. May 9, M,c Somebody at Rage3D had managed to solve this problem by adding identical users to both server and client machines.


Theatre PRO + MMC = Finally works! [Archive] – Rage3D Discussion Area

You may need 9.90 browse for the programs. Also I do not see anything special running when I use the Task Manager. Results 1 to 11 of I doesn’t know if this goes over on the captured video stream or not.

I want MMC 9. It’s impossible de capture more than 15s video without having the PC freezing.